Microwave Test Cable Assemblies

OSI’s PHASE MICRO Microwave Test Cable Assemblies are designed to offer optimal, durable, precision test & measurement interconnect solution where in application requires reliability and stability is a key factor. Longer life time with consistencyof performance, which results in more return in total cost of ownership, most of users indicate.

Excellent electrical performance comes from PHASE MICRO’s unique cable construction with optimum RF connector design available in 3.5mm and 2.92mm connections.

Advantage of PHASE MICRO
  • Rugged cable construction maximizes physical endurance limit where crushing, compression, kinking and repeatable flex cycles are in continuous use.
  • Extreme low loss in attenuation and VSWR guarantee dependable performance.
  • Increased Phase stability in frequent flex cycles and over broad range of temperature offer precision test & measurement.
  • Enhanced Amplitude Stability provides longer calibration interval.
Your Guaranteed Quality

All PHASE MICRO cable assemblies are fully tested and inspected prior to releasing to customers and OSI offers a warranty program within range of warranty policy for guaranteed quality. Materials and fabrication process are in progress under tight quality assurance program.
ROHS compliant. Stock assemblies in length of 0.6m and 1.0m are available for next day shipment

PHASE MICRO Specifications up to 40Ghz

Available connectors :

  • 2.92mm Male and Female
  • 3.5mm Male and Female
Operating Frequency DC ~ 40Ghz
Maximum VSWR 1.25:1 / Typical 1.20:1
Impedance(Nominal) 50 Ohms
Amplitude Stability in Insertion Loss < +/– 0.05dB / Typical +/– 0.03dB
Dielectric Constant 1.4
Velocity of Propagation 83%
Shield Effectiveness (dB through 18Ghz) <100
Time Delay (Nominal) ns/cm 0.04
Typical Flex cycles 10,000
Temperature Ranges (°c) –55° ~ +125°
Minimum Bend Radius 20mm
Crush Resistance (kg-f/cm) 41.2

* Data obtained from P35KMKF-1.0m (1m of PHASE MICRO with 2.92mm Male to Female)

PHASE MICRO Key Features
  • Unique ruggedized cable construction resists from abrasion, kinking, compression and continuous flex cycle while assuring higher flexibility provides longer life time.
  • Velocity of Propagation : 83%
  • Low Insertion loss : Minimum -2.6dB/m @ 40Ghz
  • Maximum VSWR : 1.25:1 / typical 1.20:1
  • Phase Stable over temperature : 500ppm @ -30 ~ +80
  • Phase Stable Vs. Flexure +/- 5 degree
  • Amplitude Stability : <+/- typical 0.05dB
  • Phase Matching option available both in Relative and Absolute match

How to Order

Part Number Configuration
Connector Option
  • KM(2.92mm Male)
  • KF (2.92mm Female)
  • 3M (3.5mm Male)
  • 3F (3.5mm Female)
  • P35KFKM-36 = Phase Micro with 2.92mm Female to 2.92mm Male for 36 inches long

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