About OSI

OSI’s microwave cable and interconnections offer you the most optimum solutions.

Right from the dielectric core design to complete coaxial cable assemblies, OSI is fully qualified for your requirements.

OSI has the systems and processes to meet your quality and reliability needs for ISO-9001 as well as MIL standards.

OSI is your partner of choice when you need more than an ‘off the shelf product’ OSI always can work closely with you to design and manufacture “customized product” to your specialized specifications.

OSI microwave cable assemblies can offer up to 40GHz with velocity of propagation of 77% by OSI’s unique cable construction design with either both extruded or taped low density PTFE processes.

Jacketing customization for your needs is available upon your request. Especially for test application, ultra flexible silicon jacketed microwave coaxial cable is highly recommended.

Various of connectors for cable assembly are also available for lower to higher frequencies:

N, SMA, TNC, 2.92mm & more.

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